Journey of Glossophobia

Most of the people having different types of phobia. I also have a phobia which is glossophobia. Most of the people experience some nervousness,when they give speech or presentation on stage even through they are enjoying it.however, people who suffer from glossophobia may avoid this type of situation.

So basically what is glossophobia: fear when speaking in public. Glossophobia was the part of my life. I always refused to give speech on stage suddenly my heart beat increased, sweating, dizziness, feeling of nervousness this is the worst experience of my life also these all are the symptoms of glassophobia. According to one estimates 75% of people experience nervousness when speak in public and 10% of people are terrified.

What are causes glossophobia ?
There are several possible root cause of Glossophobia :
1. Fight-or-Flight response is the main root cause of glossophbia when humans are in some abnormal condition they tensed up.
2. Negative experience early in life some people believe that glossophobia forms when experience was worst.
3. Self defeating Thought.

How is Glossophobia treated?
There are different steps you can take to beat your glossophobia:
1. Psychotherapy
2. Meditation
3. Exposure Therapy

4. Anita Mam Therapy
One day my mam told me to give presentation on world tourism day. I was very nervous. when I started to delievered my speech it was quite nice,all the students appreciated. Many times mam give me many presentation to overcome my fear at the end I overcome the fear of facing people. My Journey Of Glossophobia is now end.

But this ending give me a very good lesson of life is“Practice makes the man perfect”

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  1. Gyan says:

    Beautiful Journey……


  2. Anupam Kumar says:

    this one is really great post I go through in your blog.
    Good one keep it up 👍

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    1. Tinami says:

      Thanks Anupam 😊

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