Wrinkle Wrinkle, Everywhere!

Rupin Pass Trek, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever woken up to be greeted in the mirror by a wrinkle.These fine line and wrinkle around your eyes of forehead can’t ignore them anymore! Ageing is a process which can’t be stopped and wrinkle are less avoidable but what causes wrinkle to develop? Can we do anything to delay their arrival?

First of all you need to know that your skin is made up of several layer. As we age, The outermost layer of our skin become thinner and less sticky. It is the main cause of wrinkle the lack of stickness make the skin dry. Elastin and collagen are protein in the skin’s underlying layers.Collagen provide the skin’s strength & firmness. As collagen & elastin fibers become more loose the skin become inelastic, little and body produce less sebum.

Skin cell turnover slows, and its become more difficult for the cells to regenerate themselves. By age so we start loosing the fat stored in the skin
which makes the skin thinner this causes loose, saggy skin and presence lines. Decline in blood vessels and decrease in blood circulation.All of these factor contribute to wrinkle and aging. Apart from the natural ageing process, There are other major factors which causes wrinkles to grow :

1. Dehydration is one of the biggest accelerator when develop wrinkles.
Collagen which provide firmness to your skin is mostly made of water.
when you become dehydrates collagen molecule Cracks and Clump together causing wrinkle to form on your skin.

2. Smoking is bad for your health major cause of wrinkle your face. Nicotine found in cigarette causing a narrowing of the blood cells within the outermost layer of skin blood flows decreases, the skin have less amount of vital nutrient & oxygen. As a result the skin become sag & wrinkle permanently.

3. UV Rays penetrate deep into skin layers it cause the breakdown of collagen & elastin as the essential protein breakdown skin become sag & wrinkle.

The bad news is wrinkles are unavoidable and good news is it, Can delayed to some degree. Good skin starts from within eat lot of anti oxidants fruits & vegetables, drink lot of water, Use sunscreen your Skin is your largest organ and deserve best care, you can give it.

 “Age Wrinkles The Body. Quitting Wrinkles The Soul”

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  1. Ankur says:

    Good resarch on wrinkle..kinki


    1. Thanks Ankur😊


  2. Gyan says:

    Thanks for the information


  3. Virtuosity of living says:

    Great information


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