Periods: The Weeping’s Womb

Do you ever believe menstrual cramps can be as painful as heart attack. Your menstrual cycle can say a lot thing about your health having cramps as a part of periods.

What is menstrual cycle?
The menstrual is the monthly series of changes a women’s body go through in preporation for the possibility of pregnancy. Each month, One of ovaries releases an egg – A process called Ovulation.At the same time, normal changes prepare the uterus for pregnancy. If ovulation takes places and the egg don’t fertilize, the living of the uterus sheds through the vagina. This is a menstrual periods.

The first day of bleeding is marked as the first day of a menstrual cycle and period from one menstrual cycle to another can very from 28 to 30 days.

Phases of Menstrual cycle:
The menstrual cycle is divided into four phase, Namely:

  1. Menstrual phase : Day 1, Uterus using which its prepared for implantation starts to shed which lasts 3 to 5 days.
  2. Follicular Phase : A matured egg follicle releases an egg from one of the ovaries. Also, Uterus starts preparation for another pregnancy.
  3. Ovulatory Phase : Mid cycle phase, Through the phase in which ovulation takes place i.e, day 13-17. End of follicular phase along with ovulation period defines the fertilization period.
  4. Lutcal phase :Post Ovulation phase where the fate of corpus luteum is deduced if fertilization .Doesn’t occur it makes the onset o another cycle.

Menstrual Hormone
The chemical messengers in our body called harmones, released by various endorume glands are responsible for many changes in a human body. Menstruated is a slave to certain harmones. Every phase of the menstrual cycle is influenced by female harmone namely Estrogen, Progestrone, ASH and LH. The variation in the level of each of those harmones decides the phase which a girl undergoes.

Premenstrual Syndrome:
PMS is a conduction that affects a women emotion, physical health and behaviour during certain days of the menstrual cycles generally just before her menstrual.It is very common condition. Its symptom affects more than 90% of menstruating women.It must impair some aspect of your life for your doctor to diagnose you.
Symptoms of PMS :-
# Abdominal bloating
# Abdominal Pain
# Sore Breasts
# Ache
# Food Craving

Easing the symptoms of PMS
you cant cure PMS but you can take steps to ease your symptoms:

  1. Drinking Plenty of fluids to ease abdominal bloating.
  2. Taking Vitamin D to reduce symptoms.
  3. Reducing stress,such as through exercising and reading.
  4. Sleeping to atleast eight hours per night to reduce fatigue.

Why do some women experience menstruation/ period cramp/ pains ?
Woman can experience cramp during menstruation due to various reason such as:
# Stress
# Poor physical health
# Lack of Physical activity
# Dehydration
# Endometriosis
# Endeomyosis

How often should a girl change her sanitary pad during her periods or while she is menstruating ? You should change your sanitary pad before it become completely soaked with blood, unable to retain the blood. If you use a pad you should change it every 4 to 8 hour. A girl will easily understand when she needs to change her pad.

Many women suffer from painful periods unaware of effective nature remedies that can make their periods more comfortable:
1. Exercise : this might sound a little crazy and you might be thinking to yourself, I can barely move,let alone exercise however brisk walking, or any type of ease your belly pain when you do anytype of aerobic exercise your blood pump more, this helps to release endorphin and reduce cramps
2. Apply heat : Heat helps to release the contrating muscles in your uterus, which is the cause for your pain.
3. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D: Preventing is always, better than the cure which is why making cure your body has enough vitamin is so important in preventing menstrual cramps.

Misconception about Periods:
1. You can’t enter a kitchen or cook food for anyone else.
2. You can’t enter a place of worship.
3.You can only enter a place of prayer once you have washed your hair on or after fourth day.
4. You must wash your hair on the first day of your periods to clean yourself completely.
5.If you wash you hair, your flow will be less and it will affect your periods.

“It’s not a matter of shame,It’s matter of proud.
I know how to live my life with full of joy on my bleeding days, because I know how to manage my periods. It’s really easy you can try with all above suggestion”.

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