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Made By Komal Mehra

Be A Good Person, Don’t Waste Your Time To Prove It.

One thing you have to do a favour of yourself is that Just go and satisfied yourself .Because you are not here to justify yourself in of anyone. You can satisfy yourself by doing good deeds, maybe you are able to prove in front of them, momentary. but you need to explain again n again,instead of that be a good person and use the time in setting good examples for others to follow and you keep earning good deeds for self satisfaction.

Made by Komal Mehra

    Best Friend Forever

Thank you so much, for being the part of my are the one of the great architect of my life. An architect who always gives a meaning full dimension in my life. A painter who gives beautiful colors to my life. You are the one who change the direction and inspire me to be as i am, It could be possible to have many friends in life span. But there is no one that can replace you. You are like real blessing of god. A beautiful gift by god. And i always proudly say that, I have only one friend i.e my Neha you are the one that keeps me alive. Your warm wishes and its my wish that we will be remain always as we are now through out rest of the life.”

Subhash Chandra Bose The Real Warrior

Happy Birthday: The Real Warrior

The true hero of our nation was Mr. Bose and others were only credit takers.But we Indians forgot him,Which is a big shame for us. Today, On The occasion of 122th birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose we should give big tribute to Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose for their big contribution in the independence of India.
“Subash Chandra Bose doesn’t beg for our freedom, He fight for our Freedom”.