Do you Know, What does appendix do?

Is your appendix useless or does it play any role? For many years, physician believe your appendix is a vestigial organ which means it perform no function in the body but now research has shown that, it boost the immune system of adults.It helps strengthen and support your immune system

The appendix has a high concentration of immune cells within its wall and function as a lymphoid organ. Lymphoid organ help in the maturation of immune cell called lymphocytes. Human appendix helps in the maturation of specific lymphocytes called B cells.

B cells produce antibodies that attack invading bacteria viruses and toxin. Your appendix is also involved in the production of certain molecules that helps direct the movement of lymphocytes of various other locations in the body. A type of antibodies called Immunoglobin A (Ig A) is produce in the appendix.This antibody plays an important role no mucosal immunity. Your appendix is a storehouse for beneficial bacteria.

These good bacteria helps the gut recover from infection and protect the intestine further infection by harmful bacteria. Researches as shows that people whose appendix has been research shows that people whose appendix likely to have a reccurance of bacterial infection that causes diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain.

A study examined, the appendix is believed to help fetal develop. The development early in life. It is longest in childhood and diminish in size throughout adulthood special cells called endocrine cells,appear in the appendix of human fetal at 11th week of development.These cells in fetal appendix produce hormone which assist in various Biological control mechanism.

“At the end, I want to say that may be  appendix is slimy or yukky but it is not  worthless”

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